Theatre: Podcast of a Workshop

I just participated in my first ever podcast. Kind of.

What I actually participated in was the workshopping of a 10-minute play, courtesy of Ten Minute Play Workshop (very cool group, btw). And they recorded the workshop and have posted a blog entry and link to the audio. I read one of the roles in the play as well as provide feedback. Apologies in advance if you hate the way I sound.

Truthfully, I can't stand to see or hear myself on video or in recordings. Was always a problem for me when I did Shakespeare and other theatre and people wanted to watch the tapes after. Even home movies . . . I like still photographs just fine, it's the sound of myself that I really dislike, and I'm not fond of watching myself act either.

But! I am pretty excited about having been dragged into modernity by this workshop. Very cool. And the play is a good one, too, one with a lot of potential. So go check it out.

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