Video: Euphonia

Watch it here.

I do find it interesting that a film about technology dependence does, in turn, depend on technology for dissemination. But then, so do all films these days. So much is Internet word-of-mouth and such.

Anyway, I'm posting this because (a) some of the filmmakers went to Emerson (as did I for grad school), and they asked very nicely for help in getting the word out, and (b) hey, it was at SXSW (and UT Austin was my undergrad school). So it ticks a lot of my personal boxes.

Also, I like to think that when I help other filmmakers, some of that good will come back around to me someday. I don't know if that's strictly true. Sometimes no good deed goes unpunished. But one can hope there's some kind of cosmic justice in the world.

And then again, sometimes I do nice things just because it makes me feel good to do them. Virtue is its own reward?

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