A Note About the Site Template

Sometimes, when this site loads, it does some weird default version that doesn't carry all the styles. If you're looking at a monochrome grey version of this page right now with no cool font for the post titles, that's what has happened to you. In order to get the correct style for this site, you will need to go click on "spooklights" in the site banner. The site should then reload with the correct styles. Note that it will still have charcoal and grey, but the post titles will be in a funky font and the date banners will be red.

It's no big deal if you choose to read this site in the default template. (Dunno what's up with Blogger, btw, since this has been an issue for months now.) You're not missing any particular "cool" feature. But if design says something about its creator . . . Or something about "intent". . . Actually, I don't know anything about design theory. ::shrug::

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