Movies: The Bourne Legacy

This movie bored me.

I mean, really, it starts with this long bit in Alaska . . . And never mind that I hate snow, but there just wasn't any action happening. I was literally falling asleep, had to turn on the lights to keep myself awake.

And then when we finally got to the meat of the movie, well, the core of the plot boils down to some guy trying to get his drug fix. That's not terribly exciting. That's not a hero I can really get behind, someone who saves the pretty doctor because he's hoping she can hook him up with some chemicals. Of course, then she goes one better and basically rids him of his drug dependency and ushers him through the fastest withdrawal on the planet.

Meanwhile, people are trying to kill them, of course. Because the Treadstone program was being terminated, and all its "outcomes" and support staff (read: doctors) were due to be eliminated. There was this ridiculously long motorcycle chase at the end of the movie that had zero tension and felt interminable. And then the dénouement fell utterly flat.

It didn't help that Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Renner have zero chemistry. I think by the end of the movie I was supposed to believe there was a relationship blossoming in front of my eyes, but there was just no way to find that credible. Renner is far too lackluster; he brings very little personality to the screen. And Weisz is the kind of actress who can't pull it on her own; she needs something or someone to bounce off of (like Brendan Fraser in The Mummy).

In short, I spent most of this movie preoccupied with my iPhone because there wasn't enough going on to keep my eyes riveted to the screen. But on the plus side, I'll fall asleep easily tonight; The Bourne Legacy gave me a head start on snoozing.

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