Screenwriting: More Great Feedback for 20 August

So, a little background. 20 August was first a stage play that I wrote in 2011 (during Hurricane Irene, actually). I had a young Ewan McGregor in mind when writing the voice of the main character Dixon. The play made the short list for a festival in the UK but the staging requirements prevented it from happening.

Then, after St. Peter in Chains won the shorts category for Table Read My Screenplay, other of my work came under inspection by interested producers, and many singled out 20 August as something they'd like to turn into a movie. So I busted out a screenplay version. It's slightly too short (78 pages), but I'm working on that. Anyway, indie films can often get away with being a little shorter.

Most of the feedback on the script has been pretty good. It's not some universally loved script, but more people have liked it than not. And today I got a big boost when the Creative World Awards gave it a score of 8.38/Consider and the following feedback:

The author has done a good job of creating a cast of characters whose interactions seem believable and organic . . . The author has presented an original concept unlike many other products on the market at the moment . . . The skills of the author are clear and the efforts of this creative mind should be continually encouraged. Good job!

Well, if you're going to keep encouraging me, I'm going to keep writing. Speaking of which, I have a deadline . . .

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