The Steven Spielberg Channel

Variety has this article out about Steven Spielberg making television "on his own terms." Well, he can afford to, right? At least the article doesn't pretend otherwise, stating that Spielberg uses money from his successes to finance his Amblin TV projects.

Now, I love Steven Spielberg. I've known since the time I was six or seven what a director was, a producer, a screenwriter . . . I was interested enough not only in films themselves, but in how they work, to learn all these things. And TV too. In some ways TV was better because it was stories you loved continuing every week. (Except back when there was still such a thing as summer reruns; then you had to wait, and it felt like forever.) So I knew who Spielberg was because I loved the Indiana Jones movies and Young Sherlock Holmes was, of course, my personal favorite. And I was going to be like Mr. Spielberg. I was going to make movies. Now, somewhere in there my desire to direct got trumped by my love for writing (and a knack for character and dialogue), but . . . ::shrug::

At the time, of course, no one bothered to explain to me how difficult it is to break into the industry, and how much of a boys' game it can be besides. This was the 80s, and we were all being told we could be anything, do anything.

Well, I know Mr. Spielberg had to claw his way in and up as much as anyone, so I guess I can't hold it against him that he now has money and the wherewithal to play around with it. But maybe he'd like to give some of us a fighting chance? Hey, Mr. Spielberg, why not read my spec like you did Diablo Cody's? It's received solid feedback elsewhere, so it's not even like I'm asking for you to look at something unvetted. Call it a fair trade for me supporting Smash throughout its run.

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