Blogger Book Fair: Day 1

Today is the first day of the Blogger Book Fair. I have this great interview with ML Weaver up on PepperWords, and then Tammy Theriault has also interviewed me over on her site.

Unfortunately, I have the world's worst web hosting service, and so of course today of all days my site goes down because Network Solutions (more like Network Problems) is having issues with their SQL database. They've told me they "expect" to have it fixed "some time today." Because they're helpful like that.

But please don't give up! Do try to go read the interview with ML Weaver! (I can't even access the Word Press dash to steal the post and repost it here, that's how much NetSol sucks.) I've been getting reports of spotty access, so maybe, just maybe . . . Think of it as roulette? Spin and win?

And BBF is ALL WEEK, people! Great stuff on my site, and I'll be telling you where to find content by yours truly being hosted by other great authors and bloggers. And visit the BBF site to find more great stuff, too!

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Gwen Gardner said...

I'm seeing the BBF everywhere! I'll try to go check out PepperWords.