The Writing Life: Projects on My Plate

So here's what I'm doing these days:

I've finished St. Peter at the Gate. Hallelujah. The goal is for it to be published on Amazon by next Tuesday, July 30. A little later than I'd wanted, but better late and all that. There will be another Peter Stoller story next year, but for now I'm Peter'd out.

Now I must turn my attention to doing the rewrite of 20 August. I've had a lot of positive feedback on the script, which has been very encouraging. Time to attend to the little things that aren't working. This is how I work out the kinks; if many people are saying the same or similar things, I know that's where to focus. The feedback for 20 August has been remarkably consistent from various sources regarding where to tweak, so that's next on my docket.

And! I've been asked by other parties to do rewrites of two other scripts, so . . . After 20 August, I will do those in turn.

I'm also attending the Screenwriters World Conference West in L.A. at the end of September.

Oh, and I have an original television pilot to pull out of my, er, ears.

At some point thereafter I will possibly extract myself from screenwriting and go back to some prose. I've had multiple requests for more Sherlock Holmes stories (am mulling a sequel to "The Mystery of the Last Line") and a few for more K-Pro books (and I have some ideas for those, too). I also have ideas for two other books . . . So, yes, plenty to keep me busy for the time being. Though I hope to get out and do some things as well. I live, like many writers, as a kind of hermit a lot of the time, but I do stick my head out of my shell now and again as well. Or I get forced out by people demanding to see me, which comes to the same. (Never, however, trust a writer you see too much of. If you're seeing them, they aren't writing, which makes them less of a writer and more of . . . something else. Unless they write in public? But then that's just showing off.)

I will also make time to read and watch a few movies so I will have things to continue to post here. And I'm going to at least one more concert this year (August 11); you'll be able to read about that here, too. So if you're not looking forward to my movies or stories (though I certainly hope you are), you still have something to anticipate. Keep checking in here and on PepperWords for all the latest. Oh, and check in with Sherl from time to time as well, if only to keep him happy. Or the closest to happy he ever gets anyway.

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