Concert: Gavin DeGraw, The Script & Train at America's Cup Pavilion, San Francisco

Last night I went to see The Script. That's who I went to see. It's just that Gavin DeGraw and Train were also playing.

Now, I really like Train, but I've seen them a lot lately, so I wouldn't have gone to see them again so soon if they hadn't happened to be toplining the concert where The Script was playing.

And Gavin DeGraw is one of those singers I hear on the radio a lot and really like. He's got such a unique voice, though its grittiness sometimes makes me wonder if it makes his throat hurt to sing like that. It's funny—I would have seen DeGraw back in August of 2011 when he was supposed to open for Maroon 5 and Train (that was the first time I saw Train in concert), but he'd been attacked in NYC and had to sit out a few concerts. So at least now I've seen him play, and I can say he puts on a good show. Listening to him, I found myself wondering why I didn't own any of his albums, since I do really like his music. He didn't play "Sweeter," but other than that, a very satisfactory outing.

Gavin DeGraw
After Mr. DeGraw, The Script came out. This made me very happy, as they've sort of been my new favorite band the past two or three years. (No offense to my darling Rob and Matchbox Twenty, but it took you ten fucking years to make an album, and a girl's gotta have music. Though Cradlesong was really pretty good as a solo outing.) I've wanted to see The Script play for a long time but was never in the right place at the right time. So finally! I got to see them.

And they were good. Not stellar, but solid. I think if they'd played longer, they probably would have warmed up more. (Also, they would have been able to play more songs that I love, but as it was, they did a nice selection.)

The Script's Danny O'Donoghue
I look at it this way: these boys are doing their best and learning the ropes and the tropes. Some of their schtick was a tad forced and/or cliché, but I had a good time seeing them, and in the end that's all that really matters. I'm curious to see the trajectory of their career(s) and how their shows change over time. After all, I first saw Matchbox Twenty playing a gymnasium, and now . . .

And then it was time for Train. Quick recap of my concert history with these guys: I first saw them in Massachusetts in August 2011 when they were double billed with Maroon 5 (fantastic). Then I saw them last year at Berkeley (a fabulous show). Then they turned up last month at the Genentech Gives Back event, so that was sort of a bonus round. And last night, once again . . . Another really good performance. Though I do have a bone to pick about this mermaid thing. Because the first time I saw them do it, they called all the little kids up on stage, and it was really cute and sweet. But now it has turned into a carnival of dressed-up attention whores, and not only is it not cute, I just don't think these people should be encouraged in that way.

One might think, having seen them four times in two years, the shows would start to be monotonous, but Train manages to keep things pretty fresh. They play the usual songs, sometimes mashing them into medleys . . . Last night "Free" segued into some Beatles tunes, which was fun. They also had the benefit of Ashley Monroe's presence for "Bruises," and I have to say her number "Weed Instead of Roses" was a good time.

Train—or, really: lights, fog & Pat Monahan

It was another good time with the Train gang. (Can I add that my son Alex has named one of his favorite stuffed animals Pat, after Pat Monahan? But this might only be because the name Rob is already taken by his little brother.)

Train. Now with less fog!
I continue to mourn my inability to get decent concert photos. I need a better camera . . .

Oh, and Sherl will have his comments about the night later today.

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Cherie Reich said...

Sounds like a great concert! :)