Screenwriting: Preliminary Finalist in the Creative World Awards

I submitted three scripts to the CWA this year, and I'm pleased to be able to announce all three made it through the preliminary round. 20 August under Drama, St. Peter in Chains under Short Screenplays, and Sherlock: "A Society of Martlets" under Television (proving that girls can write this stuff just as well as boys).

Of course, there are still many stages to go (quarterfinals, semi-finals, finals, and then the winners), but I'm just very pleased to have jumped one of these hurdles. Meanwhile, my current project is extending St. Peter in Chains to full length by adapting St. Peter at the Gate and adding it to the existing script. Though it hasn't been formally optioned, I do have someone interested in taking it on as a film project, so that is encouraging. I also have someone interested in 20 August, though it needs some tweaking. But I'm pleased that there is interest in my work, and that people are asking me to help them refine their scripts as well. Better to have projects than to sit around twiddling my thumbs!

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