The Writing Life: Projects and Minor Wins/Losses

I've come to the point in my writing career when I need to make and prioritize lists of projects. Because there are some that I'm doing for myself, on my own time, and others I've agreed to do for and with others. There are some that have, you know, contracts and obligations and all that kind of thing.

I like that people want to work with me. I'm flattered, actually, and still at that stage where I'm a bit astounded, too.

Here is my current list:

  1. Expanding the St. Peter in Chains screenplay to full length by marrying St. Peter at the Gate to it. I've agreed to have a draft done by early September.
  2. Rewriting another writer's draft. (Meeting with him in September to sort out details.)
  3. Writing a draft based on another writer's outline. (Phone conference next week to sort out details.)
  4. Getting back 'round to 20 August to tidy up a few things.
  5. Writing the pilot for Hunting Victor Frankenstein.

And that's just my screenwriting list. My prose list includes:

  1. St. Peter Ascends
  2. Sherlock's Daughter (working title)
  3. More Sherlock Holmes stories
  4. Another K-Pro novel
  5. Helping my mother pull together her book about being a hospice chaplain

Meanwhile, news on the competition front: 20 August made Quarterfinals in CWA. Alas, the Sherlock script and St. Peter in Chains did not. I'm not surprised Peter got cut, and really, it has already won one competition and its destiny seemingly lies elsewhere anyway. But I was sad for my Sherlock script, which did get really great feedback, except they'd said it was too long and I should cut it back to 50 pages, which makes me think the reader didn't realize the show is a 90-minute format. I like to think their mistake is what worked against me (rather than my writing), but who knows? I'll believe what makes me feel better and hope my talent gets recognized by the right people eventually. Though, busy as I am, I can only suppose I'm getting noticed by a someone . . .

Screenwriting conference at the end of September as well. Need to brush up on my pitching . . . One more thing for the list . . .

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