Candles: Random Options from Target

I was at Target today for things like paper plates and razor blades, and decided to treat myself to their [very limited] candle aisle. I don't often find anything worthy there, but with the change of seasons, it seems the stock has turned over, and I brought home a couple new choices.

Right now I'm burning one of those Nature's Wick candles, the kind with a wooden wick. It makes a sort of crackling noise as it burns. If you like the cozy sound of a fire, you might like this kind of candle. But if you want silence, don't bother. It took some getting used to for me, though now it's only so much white noise while I work.

The scent is Tranquil Waters, and I like it very much. It's strong enough to fill my office without giving me an immediate headache.

Another candle I picked up was yet another Yankee Candle, this one branded "Home Classics." I don't know what that means exactly, but I like the shape of the jar, which is a kind of straight-sided cylinder; there's something very clean about the look. The scent is Coastal Breeze. I really liked it in the store, but giving it a whiff now, there's something weirdly smoky about it. We'll see what happens when I light it, I suppose.

Both the above candles are blue, with Tranquil Waters being a deep color and Coastal Breeze being a icy pale blue-grey. I do seem to gravitate toward the blue candles for whatever reason. Still, being mindful that I should stretch myself, I picked up a third and final offering, a yellow-orange soy candle called Sun Kissed. The scent does, indeed, put me in mind of a sunny day, and the color is cheerful. The company is not prominently marked, but looking at the bottom of the box, it seems to be made by Illume. I haven't had much luck with soy candles in that I've found their scents don't often hold, but maybe this one will change my mind. In any case, the color is a nice complement to my range of blues, and the one green candle I currently have.

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