Movies: Escape from the Megas?

I certainly hope Jeremy Zimmer is right. I write smaller pictures. I write character-driven fare that I hope will appeal to actors tired of having to work against CGI and green screens. I'd like to think there's a market out there for what I write. Someone, somewhere must be tired of superheroes and big budget epics . . . Right?

They say this is one of the reasons TV is so big right now—people who don't want flash and bang are getting fed by the more intricate stories told weekly (or, if it's available in intravenous, streaming form, sometimes told in huge, bingeing mouthfuls). Of course, as I've mentioned in previous posts, television's format allows for longer, deeper studies of character and more careful crafting of plot and overarching story. Or it can, anyway, in the right hands. Which is why people like Fincher and Soderbergh and Michael Douglas are winning Emmys now instead of Oscars.

The world is made up of a lot of different tastes. But lately Hollywood has been serving up mostly one thing. They've done this because they can charge a lot for it, and a lot of people will eat it up. But some of those diners are getting tired of the same old fare, and some diners never liked it in the first place. Time to lay out some additional offerings, don't you think?

Well, I'd like to see it happen that way anyway. So again, I hope Zimmer is right, and that studios might consider taking on a few smaller projects. Side dishes, if nothing else.

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