Television: Sleepy Hollow, "Blood Moon"

Okay, so I did watch this. Kind of. To be honest, it wasn't really holding my full attention. But here's what I managed to glean:

Dunn (that Sheriff's Department member played by John Cho, for anyone slow to pick up on names) is brought back to life by those evil spirits or whatever to act as a kind of Renfield (and if you don't know who that is, go watch or read Dracula) in that he is forced to aid and abet the corpse of a dead witch. Not a good witch like Katrina, but a bad witch trying to get her body back. In order to do this, the bad witch must kill (burn? I missed whether it was that specific) the blood kin of the people who had burned her [for being a witch] way back when. And she has to do it all by the time of the Blood Moon. (That's one of the names given to a full moon in October.)

Meanwhile, Abbie and Ichabod (whom everyone just calls "Crane" because "Ichabod" sounds silly when you have to yell it across any distance, and what do you use for a nickname? "Icky?" "Bod?") are, you know, still trying to figure s*** out. Katrina comes to Crane in a dream and warns him about the bad witch . . . Kind of. Like, she gives him clues and says this bad person "is one of us" which takes Crane a while to figure out she meant "witch." C'mon, Katrina. Spit it out. If you have to be brief, also be clear, all right?

And then, you know, Abbie (and maybe they mostly call her by her last name too? Mills?) and Crane (who just refers to Abbie as "Lieutenant") figure out when people start dying what's going on and that they have to stop the witch from being reborn or whatever. Not all that involving, actually. Which is why my attention wandered.

The writers here seem to be better at the little things, like having Crane get worked up about sales tax and inserting a cute montage of him working out how to do things like use a hairdryer. The fish-out-of-water angle could get old really quickly, and it's been done a million times in a million different ways, but so far the Sleepy Hollow people have managed to keep it fun and not too cliché.

More tiring are the appearances by Katrina. There doesn't seem to be much love or chemistry between her and Crane for whatever reason, and I find myself groaning whenever she appears.

On the flip side, Abbie now has had a "visit" from the dead Sheriff Corbin, her mentor and a man who clearly knew more about what was really going on. And that meeting was far more interesting than those between Crane and Katrina. With Abbie and Corbin, one honestly feels they have a connection, a genuine affection for one another. But I have to wonder: Does everyone get a spirit guide of some kind?

Actually, Katrina is evidently in some kind of limbo or purgatory. Maybe Corbin is too? And Dunn? There are still many questions to be answered, of course, and the overall mythology remains somewhat entertaining. I only hope next week's plot is equally interesting.

An aside: Crane was in Room 222. Does the number have meaning? Should we start playing that game yet? Revelation 2:22 or Revelation 22:2? Any takers?

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