The Writing Life: Ups and Downs

. . . Sometimes all in the same day.

In fact, I've noticed that news comes in batches. You hope it's all good. Sometimes it's all bad. And then there are days like today, wherein I woke up to bad news but have now received some good news to balance things out a bit.

Bad news first, as they say: 20 August failed to make the Top 100 of Table Read My Screenplay. Didn't even make the list of Honorable Mentions. This was the contest St. Peter in Chains won last year, so I had what I thought were reasonable expectations of at least making the first round of cuts. But again, screenwriting is subjective. All art is, really. And though on the whole 20 August has received very positive feedback, there have been one or two people/places that have not liked it. Can't please everyone.

But then! The good news: 20 August made the short list for the Silent River Film Festival River Scroll Award! So that's exciting. Instead of one of 100, I'm one of 12. That's not so bad. And on a day when I really needed a pick-me-up, this is a nice one.

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