Television: AHS: Coven, "Fearful Pranks Ensue"

In New Orleans in 1961, a black student's first day at a white school results in his being chased down and lynched. Madame Laveau doesn't take kindly to that. The end result: a rising of the dead (zombies, which originated in Voodoo, though not quite as depicted) to tear apart the cabal of white men responsible.

Meanwhile, picking up where we left off last week, Fiona is drawn out to the greenhouse by a noise and finds Queenie and the Minotaur. Fiona immediately assumes Laveau sent the beast. She finds Madame LaLaurie cowering, and LaLaurie explains that the Minotaur had been sent for her but Queenie had saved her.

Terrible as LaLaurie was historically, in AHS: Coven she's the most sympathetic character.

Fiona sends the Minotaur's severed head back to Laveau's salon.

And in another of an increasingly long list of Zoe's Bad Ideas: rat poison for Kyle! But he takes off before she can feed him, lost in the crowd of costumed Hallowe'eners.

In the past: A truce signed by Laveau and the previous Supreme. But that truce has been broken.

And speaking of broken, Cordelia's husband Hank is off having sex with someone else. Turns out he's something of a player, using work travel to sex up—and shoot—women.

Nan summons the Council because she can no longer "hear" Madison and thinks she is dead. (Not wrong.) Time for some interrogation!

Can't these witches use their powers to detect whether someone is lying? (Even if she is the Supreme?)

And now the story of Spaulding, silent servant of the school. A young witch enchanted his tongue so that he would have to speak the truth about Fiona having killed the previous Supreme, but then his tongue got cut out . . .

And so, in current day, the Council calls Spaulding to bear witness—in writing—against whomever mutilated him so long ago. (And why didn't they just ask whether Fiona had murdered anyone?) He did it to himself. To avoid having to say anything against the girl he loved.

Plot twist: Madison wasn't the new Supreme after all. A Supreme-to-be must be in glowing health, but Madison had a heart problem that she kept quiet and monitored regularly. Joke's on you, Fee!

Spaulding has added Madison's body to his happy little doll collection.

Someone throws acid in Cordelia's face in a bar bathroom. (Then again, it's New Orleans.)

And Madame Laveau summons up LaLaurie's corpses . . . And others . . . To pay LaLaurie and the school a happy Hallowe'en visit. Trick or treat!

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