Television: The Blacklist, "The Freelancer"

I'm a week behind. This show just doesn't reach the top of my must-watch list, so I slip it in whenever I can. Which suggests that it's at least worth watching, even if it's not the best thing on television.

This second episode was at least better than the pilot. So this gives me hope for the show on the whole. There are still a few problems, like the really stupid box they keep Red in. I mean, that's just dumb. And they're playing up the whole Tom thing, and Red's interest in Lizzie, so that it's almost like they think the audience is blind and stupid and needs to be beat over the head with this stuff. Even as they dole out the clues, it's all very in your face. I prefer subtlety.

Anyway, in "The Freelancer" Red puts Lizzie & the Gang on the trail of a man who is willing to kill any number of innocent bystanders in order to reach his target. And next on this Freelancer's list is Floriana Campo (Isabella Rossellini) , a humanitarian who stands against a sex slavery cartel. Except Red's real target is Floriana herself. Because though disguised as a humanitarian, she is actually helping traffic young girls in the slave trade.

It was nicely and neatly done (I won't bother with details), though one wonders how stupid the FBI (and CIA) must be to continue allowing Red to use them for his own ends. Sure, they would have wanted to shut Floriana down, too, if only they'd known she was evil, but . . . Ends justify means?

And I'm pretty sure I heard that one song in the Sherlock episode "The Reichenbach Fall." Wasn't it the one they used when readying for the Moriarty trial? An incidental, to be sure, but let's try to be original here, folks.

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