Television: Elementary, "Ancient History"

Due to DVR issues, I missed the first fifteen minutes of this episode. I may go back and watch them. Or not. Mob stories don't really do it for me.

Even still, I had the wife pegged the moment I saw the scene in which she claimed to be grateful to learn her husband had killed in self-defense.

Far more entertaining was the story line featuring Watson's friend Jen asking Watson to track down a guy named Tony. It had been a brief hook up, but Jen was convinced this Tony guy was "the one." Watson's very competence as she begins the hunt corners Holmes into a confession: He is Tony.

Turns out he used to follow Watson around, way back when they were hardly friends much less partners in crime(fighting), and on one such occasion found cause to attempt to find out more about Watson by, ahem, "interrogating" her friends. This particular instance, Holmes masqueraded as "Long Island Tony" during a Brazilian festival and hit up Jen for information. Though it seems they didn't end up talking about Watson at all anyway. Because that would've been really awkward.

Watson is reasonably outraged that (a) Holmes used to spy on her, and (b) that he used her friend in such a way (though Holmes insists the friend used him). In any case, Watson must meet up and tell Jen the truth. Holmes suggests lying and telling Jen that Tony is dead, but Watson is a better friend than that. (Also, what if Jen ever came over and saw Holmes? Or ran into Watson and Holmes on the street somewhere? I mean . . . New York is big, yes, but it could happen. By the way, do any of Watson's friends ever actually visit her? Why not?)

But when Watson meets with Jen, Jen has a surprise: Holmes has come clean. Told her everything.

Oh, and they had sex again. But really, that's all over. Just another way of saying goodbye . . .

Watson does get a bit of her own back when, coming home, she tells Holmes how nice it was of him to help Jen have that baby she's been wanting. For a few seconds he believes her, and it's priceless. I do think it's important that Watson be almost as smart and good as Holmes. She was a surgeon, so she can't be stupid. And her emotional IQ is certainly higher. There could be some friendly competition between them before long. (That's an episode waiting to happen: The two of them working separately to see who can solve a case faster.)

Anyway, the rest of the episode was about the Russian Mafia or whatever. Meh. Maybe if I'd seen those first minutes I'd have been more interested. But I did like that Holmes was repeatedly disappointed in people being alive. That was a nice touch.

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