Television: Elementary, "We Are Everyone"

Watson's friend gives her a six-month subscription to a dating site as a birthday gift while Holmes acts out The Dollhouse Murders. (Sherlock was perturbed.)

And the Elementary writers have repurposed the Snowden story. Kleinfelter is the name in this case, and a man posing under the name Mueller asks Holmes and Watson to find Kleinfelter in order to keep him safe. Mueller is actually Honeycutt who, with Kleinfelter, works for a private organization with government contracts, and so of course he's not actually interested in protecting Kleinfelter so much as eliminating him for having done the company wrong.

Holmes and Watson stake out a journalist with ties to Kleinfelter. And while sitting around, they discuss love. Holmes says he feels liberated now that he's done with Irene Adler and living "post love."

Oh, but then the journalist swaps bags at the security guard's station, prompting Holmes and Watson to ferret into the guard's (Hector's) background.

(If Watson had rolled over and Clyde had fallen out of bed, that would have been sad for him. Which reminds me how, in Doyle's stories, Holmes so often does turn up at Watson's bedside early in the morning . . . I want to see this exchange at some point: WATSON: You have a bad habit of waking me up in the middle of the night; HOLMES: You have a bad habit of being asleep when interesting things happen.)

A night of arguing online leads Holmes to believe a woman named Vanessa is hiding Kleinfelter. He and Watson break into her apartment when their knocks go unanswered. And of course Vanessa is dead. It appears Kleinfelter killed her.

(At this point I have to wonder whether anyone is following Holmes and Watson? Seems like the people who hired them would want to shadow them, follow their work, be ready to strike.)

Holmes becomes increasingly agitated about the fights he's picked online, and Watson's dating profile has been hacked. Kleinfelter's friends and backers have struck.

An Office of Civil Defense box provides a clue that Kleinfelter might be holed up in an old bunker. Of which there are 41 in the city, all decommissioned . . . But one. At the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Secret Service shows up before they can get there, however, claiming Holmes has posted a blog about assassinating the president.

And a "nice guy" named Jeff drops by from the dating site to make sure Watson is okay after all the weird stuff that has appeared on her profile.

BTW, Holmes is dumb to use his name and address as a handle. Just my personal opinion.

Anyway, by researching one of the chat room peeps, Holmes realizes he has a private plane routed for Venezuela, likely with Kleinfelter on board. They grab Kleinfelter only to be checkmated by his having planned for the names of undercover operatives—run by the company rather than the government—to go public if he's arrested. (Wasn't that part of a James Bond movie not so long ago?) They let Kleinfelter go.

But Watson manages to steal Kleinfelter's watch first. (This somehow links him to the murder, but I wasn't paying enough attention to be able to say how.)

Holmes tells Honeycutt to release the names of the company's operatives to the government so the agents could be moved to safety. Then Kleinfelter, with nothing left to bargain, is taken into custody.

And Watson has her date with Jeff.

While Holmes sits home reading letters from [Jamie] Moriarty. So . . . Maybe not so "post love" after all?

And next week, on a very special Elementary, we see Holmes's first . . .

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