Television: Great Performances, "The Hollow Crown: Henry IV, Part I"

Um . . . Yeah. What?

This one actually lost me right around the time the lady started singing in Welsh and then the fighting started shortly thereafter. And I don't mean "lost me" as in not understanding it; I've never had that problem with Shakespeare. For whatever reason, even the first time I picked up a play by him, it made perfect sense to me. I never tripped over the language or anything. I'm programmed that way, I think.

No, I mean I got bored. Part of it was that all the filters on the cameras made everything really dim, and for some reason that made me kind of sleepy.

The first hour was good, though. Really entertaining. Falstaff (Simon Russell Beale) and Hal (Tom Hiddleston) had very good banter, and that Percy (Joe Armstrong) was truly infuriating, which is as it should be. The build-up to the fighting was well managed, and that's as much Shakespeare as the production, but then there was a long, flat (stale and unprofitable?) stretch that wearied my soul. Yawn.

Of course, there's a whole other part to watch, too. And Henry V. So maybe it gets better. God, I hope so.

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