Television: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., "Eye Spy"

Mayhem on a Stockholm Metro train, and a number of briefcase-carrying men in red masks are killed. A woman—presumably the assailant—has taken one of the briefcases, which contains a quantity of diamonds.

Coulson puts Skye on the hunt for whomever is stealing diamonds at various sites (Milan, Monte Carlo). He knows the thief is Akela Amador because he trained her. He describes her as not playing well with others, despite his best efforts to instill a sense of teamwork in her. (Hmm. Reminds me a wee bit of Ward? Though he seems to be warming to the idea of working with others.)

Akela pays $13m in diamonds for an access card. Our team tracks her to Russia. But what happens when the tracked is tracking the trackers? Well, for one thing, the science team's "short bus" mobile surveillance station gets rammed.

The conflict here, more than trying to catch a thief, is that Coulson wants to "protect his own" while the team doesn't consider Akela "their own."

They determine by watching a surveillance feed that Akela is being controlled by some outer force. Melinda decides to pay Akela a visit. "Either I kill you or they kill me," Akela tells her. Cage match?

(Latest Honoree in the Hall of Stupid Lines: "You should have stayed in bed.")

They take in Akela and Ward is sent in her place to complete her mission.

Backstory: Akela was lost during a mission, woke up blind in one eye, was rescued by another organization that fixed her eye—and made it so they could see what she sees and be sure she's doing the work they want her to do. She's never met them. Doesn't know who they are. But they have a kill switch implanted in her, too . . .

What can Akela deduce? That whomever is sending her instructions is English (or from that extraction) based on his or her vocabulary. That s/he's older based on dated terminology. And his/her clumsy typing? Could mean thick fingers, someone heavyset. (Sounds like old-school Mycroft to me.)

Fitz and Simmons are set the task of operating on Akela's eye to try and (a) deactivate the kill switch, and (b) perhaps determine its origin?

Meanwhile, Ward is getting Akela's instructions and is told to seduce a guard. In Ward's defense, he does try to be nice first. When that doesn't work, he knocks the guy out. This allows him to get in and take a photo, fine, but an unconscious guard can't give you the password to keep the full-on security force from swarming. Oops.

Fitz and Simmons successfully remove Akela's eye and cut the explosive attached to it. Coulson finds Akela's handler, an MI6 agent who'd fallen off the grid, but it turns out that guy has a kill switch as well, and the minute Coulson identifies himself, the handler falls dead.

Akela is remanded for trial.

But she asks Melinda what's wrong with Coulson, why he's changed . . . Melinda doesn't seem (or pretends not) to understand the question. But there's only one possible answer, isn't there?  . . . Tahiti.

It's a magical place.


Christine Rains said...

I'm still not hooked. Too much Coulson for me and I care not a wit about Skye. It has its good points and I'll keep watching for now, but I'm surprised I don't like it more. Keith has stopped watching it already.

M said...

I think it's okay. It's not riveting, doesn't require all my attention. And as I've said, I really wish they'd stop focusing on Skye so much. I think she's supposed to be our sympathetic character, our entré into the team, and the writers think she's interesting because she's supposedly "conflicted," but I find her obnoxious. I find the show as a whole rather rote and somewhat uninspired, but I'll keep watching. They're clearly building this alternate organization (with German ties) into something, and Tahiti will have to pay off at some point as well.