Television: Revolution, "Dead Man Walking"

Allenford leads Neville to Patriots Special Ops Bootcamp, which sounds like the worst reality TV show ever (or is it the best?) . . . This is the place where people are being "reprogrammed." Jason (among others) comes out shooting, but he probably would have chosen to shoot at his dad anyway, so it's hard to tell whether he's been reprogrammed or not.

And Monroe is hiding out, still snatching the occasional Patriot to dress down for information. Which works for about a week, until a combined Patriot/Texas Rangers force finds and arrests him. So much for starting a war between the two. Instead Monroe managed to give them a common enemy: him.

Miles and Charlie get the brilliant idea they should try to save Monroe from impending execution (since it's a given he'll be found guilty).

Flashback: Miles is the one wanting to raid a neighboring camp and steal some food. Monroe tells him to settle down and go find himself a girl.

And Allenford has a breakdown, telling Neville about how her husband is in Patriot High Command and her son has been reprogrammed. Neville doesn't care, of course. He's determined to get Jason back and set him right.

Meanwhile, Willoughby is starting to look like a bad Western, what with moving the bad guy to the bank to keep him in the safe to prevent a jailbreak. Turns out Rachel tipped them off to the idea "someone" might want to break Monroe out.

Monroe is sentenced to lethal injection at midnight.

Jason nearly kills Neville, but Allenford hits Jason on the head with something heavy.

Flashback: Monroe's pregnant girlfriend goes into labor. Neville is in their camp; he and Miles go for water and towels, but it's too late.

Awww, Monroe's last request: a visit from Miles. He tells Miles that he has a son, that it was his and Emma's (yes, even though Miles and Emma had been dating), and asks that Miles go find him. Turns out Miles knew. He even hid the kid from Monroe. Ha! That's some serious payback is all I'm saying.

(Miles says it's because no one was safe around Monroe. Better to keep the kid away from him.)

Anyone else see a potential problem with Rachel being the one to prepare the injection? Conflict of interest? I guess not really, since she shares an interest in killing him.

Flashback: Monroe raids the other camp and, in the process of taking everything, murders everyone. Apparently losing his girlfriend and baby is what turned his brain? Really, he was already imbalanced; we know that from last season. The only times Monroe was ever okay was when he had someone (a woman) to stabilize him.

The Neville men continue their patented, genetic brand of crazy.

Turns out Gene is the one who sold Monroe to the Patriots (that is, having let them know where Monroe was hiding). But he barters with Truman to make sure Miles and Rachel remain safe and untouched.

Precognition joins Aaron's arsenal of superpowers.

And hey! Just like I called it: Rachel goes to dig up Monroe. 'Cuz he ain't dead. Pretty sure Rachel just gave him a barbiturate of some kind. So maybe she wasn't so interested in killing him after all . . .

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