Television: Revolution, "One Riot, One Ranger"

Is Monroe even still looking for his long lost son? Did we drop that whole thing or what? Just curious.

Turns out Texas has gone back to being its own country. Well, that's not terribly surprising; they've talked about it often enough. The Texas Rangers arrive in Willoughby, a bit late to the fight but ready to take on the Patriots as an armed force on Texas' sovereign soil.

Miles promises Ranger John that he'll bring proof of the Patriots' evil plans. Requisite midnight meeting, etc.

And in a my-niece-is-still-an-idiot moment, Charlie turns up and brings Miles to where Monroe is waiting. To help . . . And to get payback for the fact the Patriots are blaming him for the bombs. "I'm asking for a truce," Monroe says.

Flashbacks to six months before—Aaron applies to Cynthia for a teaching job; encounters Cynthia's mean-spirited husband Carl; later finds Carl cheating on Cynthia and . . . In a spurt of anger Carl and his girlfriend go up in flames. At the time Aaron had thought the fire had been a fluke, but after spontaneously combusting two Patriots last week, he's now convinced he has some kind of freak ability. ("The fireflies are flying again . . .")

Oh, and Neville is escorting Allenford . . . somewhere (a new camp?) . . . But they are attacked by fellow Patriots. Neville saves her, of course, and discovers she had objected to some behavioral conditioning practices the government had begun—including on Jason.

Charlie, Miles, and Monroe take on a small Patriot army and grab themselves a hostage who can act as proof (by being made to talk) for the Texas Rangers to be willing to do something, to act against the Patriots.

But Aaron collapses and sees Charlie, Miles, and Monroe in a vision. Rachel demands to know what he saw. Which means Rachel goes and tries to shoot Monroe, and Charlie picks a fight with her mom, and Miles is forced to send everyone to their rooms upstairs to hide so he can meet with Ranger John. Alone.

Oh, but the Patriot hostage had a cyanide tooth. No help there.

And then Monroe shoots Ranger John! Because the body of a Ranger, if made to look as if a Patriot has killed him, will bring on a war. (And Monroe was just having so much fun killing people again; it was like old times! Yay!)

So . . . On the whole a good episode, though I cannot bring myself to like Cynthia. She seems to have zero personality. Maybe she was bland because Carl had beat her down or whatever, but she's still all milksop even now . . . And the arguing between Charlie and Rachel was just irritating. Seems rather pointless, and I don't 100% understand this feud of theirs. Fun to see Miles and Monroe together again, though, and Aaron is slightly less useless than last season, though his whining is obnoxious. The man is never happy, not when he's powerless to do anything, and not now that he has the power to . . . command fireflies or whatever. Sigh. There's just no pleasing some people.

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