Television: Revolution, "Patriot Games"

The Big Book of Crazy reappears as Rachel gets worked up over the arrival of the Patriots (Randall Flynn's word back to haunt everyone), aka the U.S. Government. Now, what we all know but Rachel, Miles & Co. do not is that the government is very interested in Rachel. None of us knows why. Yet.

Charlie is somewhat less obnoxious this season, in part because she's dropped the wide-eyed naiveté, and in larger part because she's not with her family and people she cares about, and she does better as someone abrasive . . . Though Spiridakos has a way to go yet as an actress, much of her delivery being overdone.

And can I just say Steven Culp is tailor made for government roles? And based on his résumé bears this out; he's played senators, presidents, military commanders . . .

Aaron is having visions again. Miles accidentally—and fatally—stabs Titus (in his defense, Titus started it, and no one liked Titus anyway).

And Rachel puts faith in her old friend Ken only to realize he's on the Patriots' side. (Of all symbols they could use, why the Illuminati-esque pyramid and eye from the banking notes?) Alas, she realizes it too late and Ken captures her and strings her up like meat . . . Well, he is a butcher.

Ken tells Rachel the Patriots want her. But he's willing to hurt or even kill her to stop her spreading stories about how the Patriots were the ones to drop the missiles. That's just how much a Patriot Ken is. Rachel ends up stabbing him in far less accidental fashion than Miles did Titus.

Meanwhile, Neville gets Lt. Cooke cornered in a brothel, that amazingly has a phonograph (hand cranked?). Turns out Cooke has a taste for drugs. Neville first demands better work duties and then wants to know where his son is. Well, at least he has his priorities straight. When Cooke can't tell him where Jason is, possibly because he doesn't actually know, Neville shoots him up with a handy overdose. And then takes over Cooke's job.

And Aaron is right: Cynthia is creepy. How did they ever end up together?

More stabbing as Miles spies on U.S. guys executing some of Titus's men. And then: spontaneous combustion. Courtesy of fireflies and/or Aaron?

Miles and Rachel decide if their town is going to be occupied by the government, they'll have to form a resistance. Cuz it's like Star Wars. Except not in space.

Does that mean Philly and Atlanta were Alderaan? Hmm . . .

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