Television: Revolution, "There Will Be Blood"

Well, having people in a number of different locations is, for the most part, working in Revolution's favor. As things stand at the start of this episode, Charlie, on the trail of Monroe, finds herself captured by the same people who nabbed Monroe, landing her and Monroe both in an empty swimming pool for safe keeping. Miles and Sheriff Mason are similarly captive, though their digs are not as nice—they are caged in some dimly lit room and facing a Red Door of Doom. And Rachel is presiding over Aaron's miraculous resurrection; he was dead for 2.5 hours, but the nanotech has revived and healed him.

Titus, whose "family" is behind the attacks on the town and the subsequent capture of Miles and Mason, first takes blood samples then sends the town a message by killing the sheriff and sending his body back tied to a horse. As the town fortifies against attack and waits for help from Texas Rangers from Austin (no, not Walker, though they did that joke), Titus tells Miles about how he'd been a headmaster at a boys' school and on the brink of arrest for pictures he'd had on his computer, but then the blackout occurred. Titus then put the boys under his tutelage on the path to anarchy, telling them they could do whatever they wanted (so long as they listened to him? unclear). Miles asks what brought them so far as Texas, but Titus doesn't say. He does, however, break Miles' hand. Or, rather, one of his boys does. (Would be cool if Miles suddenly healed, too. But he doesn't.)

In town, Rachel is trying to convince her father, and later the butcher, to help her go and rescue Miles. (Or, as he's known there, "Stu." Yes, like The Stand.) No takers. Meanwhile, Aaron notices a dead rat and then has a hallucination of Ben (remember him? Charlie's dad, Rachel's late husband?) bleeding all over the floor. Mirage Ben seems to think there's something special about Aaron. So does Cynthia, Aaron's new girlfriend, who believes his resurrection is a miracle and even tells her pastor about it. (Interesting that Cynthia is portrayed here as Christian but clearly has no problem "living in sin" with Aaron . . . Not that all Christians are so strict, but here the character of Cynthia is made murky by her deep faith but lack of adherence to the tenets thereof.) Prodded by Cynthia's near worship, Aaron is finally moved to mention that he knows what revived him, if not why. Oh, and he knows what caused the blackout, too.

And Charlie? She and Monroe have been captured by bounty hunters. The Patriot Government will pay handsomely for Monroe. And speaking of handsome, the bounty hunter guy is hot. (His patch-eyed partner, not so much.) The bounty hunters take off with Monroe and cut Charlie loose; of course she follows their stagecoach. Monroe breaks free, and there's some running in the dark woods (Revolution has serious lighting issues in dark scenes, btw) . . . But of course Monroe gets away.

Oh, and where is Neville? He's still in the Savannah Camp, now going under the name Edgar Caine. (Cane? Not sure how he's choosing to spell it.) He sets up an assassination attempt against the Patriot representative, only to be able to be the one to save her, thus ingratiating himself. That's Neville all over: He goes where the power is and allies himself.

Rachel's dad finally gives in and agrees to help her go rescue Miles, and he brings along a couple other men who owe him favors. On the way . . . A lot of dead rats. Um . . . So what's killing the rats? And what made them decide to all congregate together just prior to expiring? The nanos are running rampant, it seems . . . We've gone from Revolution to Evolution, with the selection being less natural and more technological. Hmm.

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