More Things that Smell Good

We've (I've) talked about candles at some length, but while in Las Vegas this weekend, I discovered new and wonderful things that smell divine. Candles, yes, but also bath salts and personalized fragrances. I'm talking about Nectar USA. (Their Web site isn't up and running yet, so I've directed you to their Facebook page.) And while a lot of their products do break my rule about smelling like food—in fact, at first glance the appeared to be a pastry shop—there are some wonderful non-foodie scents as well. I'm burning a Love candle in my office at the moment and it's fantastic. The two bath bombs I bought . . . Unfortunately, they don't have labels, so I don't know the names, but aaahh . . . And they left my skin so silky and soft, too! And the bath salts (also in Love scent) bubble up quite nice and thick. This is destined to be a new favorite of mine, I think.

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