SFWC: Catalogue of Posts

Couldn't make it to San Francisco for the San Francisco Writers Conference? Well, I've brought the conference (or parts of it) to you!

The Fiction Agents - their answers to questions about the industry
Writing with Abandon - getting rid of that inner editor that stops you from making progress
Chitra Divakaruni's Keynote
"Hybrid" Authors - what are they and can you become one?
Pitching to Agents - a few things I learned (and how I did better than last time)
Blogging Your Book
Jumpstarting Your Publishing Dreams - things you can do to maximize chances of success
The Fiction Editors - their answers to questions
Working with Agents
Barry Eisler - controversial keynote opened discussion regarding whether publishers need authors more than authors need publishers
Building a Web Presence - using social media
New Adult - defining the category
Meeting the Editors - and asking about "upmarket" fiction
Mark Coker - the founder of Smashwords gives his take on self-publishing
How to Get Published Successfully - short answer: write something people want to read
E-book Publishing Success - Mark Coker's list of "best practices" to help you become a bestseller

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