Television: Intelligence, "Size Matters"

Long story short: They made it so obvious it was Bryce from the very beginning that this episode had zero tension. Yes, even when it looked like Dr. Cassidy was going to die, we were not at all worried.

I hate it when I'm watching a show that features supposedly brilliant people and they all miss the obvious. The nanotech (flavor of the month, these things) clearly only goes for the one target. I mean, they're airborne but don't accidentally kill anyone else who is around, right? So why would they have killed the assistant unless they were meant to? Bryce was an idiot to have programmed them that way. End of story.

And if that hadn't been a giveaway, all the lingering camera shots on Bryce should have been.

Plus lines of dialogue from him like, "Until he got scared."

This was just a hamfisted episode all around, really, which is a shame because if there had been any actual question of who had done it, or if they'd been racing against the clock to find and save other scientists, the story might have been a good one.

I also just want to say that the cutesy phone calls that have become the staple of most episodes' opens and/or closes are getting redundant and dull. The dialogue is not clever or witty. It's more like that moment when Mr. Rogers used to switch his shoes and jacket; it's how we know the show is going to begin or end.

Thing is, I have really enjoyed Intelligence on the whole. I like Gabriel, and I think he and Riley have good chemistry. But there wasn't much for them to do this time. Feels to me like the writers are having trouble coming up with plots. And they're desperate to make sure other characters (Lillian, Cassidy) get fair time, which is fine, but they shouldn't do it at the expense of the two main protagonists. It's like they want this to be ensemble, but this isn't Bones with everyone working together in one place. Gabriel and Riley need to be out there, getting stuff done. Otherwise we're bored.

Maybe all the characters should go out for a pitcher of margaritas some night. I mean, if the writers are so set on it being an ensemble, you need to put them together in a way that shows camaraderie. Gabriel should have people over for barbecue or something. That's all I'm saying.

I will say having Almost Human and Intelligence air on the same night is nice. They're a good fit and set a nice tone for the evening.

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