Television: Sherlock, "His Last Vow"

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Christine Rains said...

Please, please let them not name that baby Shirley. And seeming a bit cruel, I was expecting Mary to die that episode. Or maybe she will next season before the baby is born? I don't want to throw a baby into this mix.

I was much happier with this episode. I still wonder about actual physical evidence. Sometimes to blackmail, you're going to need photos and documents to actually prove it. The threat might do for most, but surely he had to carry through with this threats a few times.

M said...

In Doyle's stories, Mary Morstan dies in some unspecified way, leaving Watson a widower. Some Sherlockians also posit the theory Watson had a son that may also have died while still very young. So I would expect this may come into play at some point.

The physical evidence aspect is difficult. A tabloid will print a lot of things, and even if they retract or it is proven false, the stigma remains. But if there were to be any serious enquiry into an allegation, yes, one would suppose there would need to be evidence. But witnesses could also come forward, never minding the hard copies of letters and such. And one suspects Magnuson was careful to choose victims who had something to lose if even a breath of scandal were to touch them.

I do think "His Last Vow" was the best of the three this series.