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So I finished The Likeness, and I'm still plugging away at Correspondence, nearly done with it as well.

I have Dark Triumph on order and expect it to arrive in a couple days. I did really enjoy Grave Mercy, and after something as heavy as The Likeness, I feel like this one will be good for a bit of fluff.

While I'm waiting, however, I've pulled Death & the Maidens from my bookshelf. It was given to me a number of years ago and has been sitting on my shelf ever since. The subtitle is: Fanny Wollstonecraft and the Shelley Circle. I suppose it was given to me by someone who knew I like Byron and Shelley . . . Their writings, if not their lifestyles, though one must ask whether the one would ever have been possible without the other. My guess is no, but that's a whole other discussion. Probably a long one.

Really, though, I know little about Fanny Wollstonecraft, and having only just started the book I still only know a little about Fanny Wollstonecraft. I have yet to even figure out why anyone would write an entire book about her. Though if it is true that Percy Shelley tore her signature from her suicide note, that alone is the basis of a good story.

I'll find out, I suppose, but who knows how far along I'll get before Dark Triumph arrives. Death & the Maidens is not particularly light reading, but so far it's interesting. Still, I'm not sure it's something I can sustain at the moment. I have a half dozen writing projects and only so much time to read, and with my head already full of everything I need to remember for what I'm doing, I really am having trouble cramming in anything else. Particularly anything I might want to remember (nonfiction) versus anything I could read and forget and never feel bad about it (YA fiction).

I will post about all these books if/when I ever get around to finishing any of them. Normally I'm a very quick reader (certainly if I have a lot of travel, I get a lot of reading done) but these days it's slow going what with all the writing I'm doing instead.

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