Television: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., "T.A.H.I.T.I."

Jesus, what a lot of periods in that header. They sure do like to spell things in the form of acronyms.

Anyway, when we last left our daring team, they were desperate to save Skye, who had been shot by Ian Quinn. They're holding Quinn, too, ostensibly to question him but also because they're really, really mad at him and plan to kill him if Skye doesn't pull through. They're so mad, they even disobey a direct order to bring Quinn in. They'd rather just fly around with him and take turns beating him up.

Of course, disobeying a direct order gets them into trouble, and apparently when you're in that much trouble, you get Bill Paxton. (Except on the show they call him Garrett.) On the up side, Garrett and Coulson are friends, and after hearing Coulson's side of things, Garrett is willing to help try and find the facility that brought Coulson back from the dead in the hopes the doctors there can save Skye as well.

There were a lot of other little issues: 1. that the regular hospital couldn't save Skye, could only "make her comfortable," and 2. that the place the files say Coulson was taken for treatment didn't actually exist. But they figured out that some bunker in the desert was the right place, and they flew there, only to find there were no doctors, just a couple of guards and a ticking bomb.

Lacking doctors, the next best hope was a drug that was somewhere in the bunker, if only they could find it before the bomb went off. Which of course they did. And gave it to Skye and saved her.

That's the easy bit. The stranger part was that Coulson, having seen something labeled T.A.H.I.T.I. in the bunker, and also seen the drug at work, came in yelling for them not to give it to Skye. But it was too late. And no harm was done. That we know of. Yet.

What did Coulson see? Well, a partial body in a tank of fluid. One wonders . . . Was it being rebuilt with use of this drug? (Seriously, is that what I was supposed to take away from that reveal?)

Meanwhile, Garrett tells Quinn that the Clairvoyant didn't show at the bunker (because apparently it was expected he—or she—would). But that seems like an awfully big assumption. I mean, how does Garrett know one of those guards wasn't the Clairvoyant? How do we know Garrett isn't? I'm just saying, this could go a lot of different ways.

And will that whole, "How was the trip from Istanbul?" thing come back at some point? I like to think there are no such things as throwaways in shows like this. No wasted space, as it were.

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