Television: True Detective, "Form and Void"

I wasn't planning to write anything about the True Detective finale because I didn't feel like there was a whole lot to say, but people keep asking me what I thought, so I'll answer them.

While watching the episode, I was sort of reminded of those thriller horror films, the good kind that are tense and well made, like Silence of the Lambs. At the same time, though, I felt like everything came together a little too suddenly and easily . . . Though I suppose I should keep in mind the original case was from 1995, so really this was the culmination of years of detective work.

I also thought the ending was uncharacteristically hopeful. I honestly expected either Cohle or Hart, maybe even both of them, to die. There at the end, as Cohle was saying, "I shouldn't be here," I was inclined to agree. His big purpose in life had been fulfilled, after all. And now I'm just worried he's suicidal.

Consider: Cohle didn't really believe in anything. But his near death experience brought him into contact with feeling the love of his dead daughter and father. And waking up in the hospital seemed like a loss to him—a loss of that love and warmth he caught a glimpse of on "the other side." It's not so far fetched to believe he might try to get back there by ending his life.

Unless someone can convince him suicide is a sin and that it will actually prevent him from ever feeling that love again.

Well, whatever. I was glad that Cohle and Hart's story finished with them on good terms, and it looked as if Hart and his ex and daughters were also on good terms. I hope Cohle shaves his mustache though.

And now I'm looking forward to what comes next, though when you create something this excellent it is always difficult to maintain that degree of high quality. The fact that the show will come back with new characters and a new mystery will, I think, work in its favor. It is easier in some ways to put on a new tire than to keep wearing the treads on an old one. Nic Pizzolatto has hinted that the coming season will have stronger female characters and have something to do with transportation . . . Trains? Hobos? I guess we'll find out.

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