Television: 24: Live Another Day, "4:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m."

In which they finally unleash Jack and set him loose on London.

I can't say I've been paying much attention; things in this mini season have been too dull to absorb me. So to the best of my abilities given I wasn't paying full attention, here is what I understand to be happening:

President William Devane gives Jack free rein, and Jack demands Kate as a sidekick. Together they go to infiltrate the terrorist that has ties to Catelyn Stark (aka "Mummy"). Something to do with bank account records, but whatever. The short version is: Jack uses Kate as a peace offering, and while the terrorists string her up to interrogate/torture her, Jack (linked to Chloe) works on getting into the bank account. But it all goes to hell when MI5 turns up because Prime Minister Stephen Fry doesn't trust President William Devane to get the job done.

Still, in the most dramatic keystroke in television history, Jack gets the job done.

And Mummy sends Wannabe Sansa off to kill her sister-in-law and niece. Wannabe doesn't want to do it, tries to convince Mummy that there is no need, that her sister-in-law and niece don't know anything and are not a threat. Mummy doesn't believe it. And so Wannabe tries to warn her sister-in-law but . . . Accidentally stabs her anyway? (The sister-in-law was going to call the police, so maybe it wasn't so accidental.) The niece runs for it, Wannabe pursues her through London traffic, and then Wannabe is hit by a bus. Seriously.

Oh, and Navarro (Benjamin Bratt) appears to be a mole. Because it's not 24 if there isn't a mole.

Plus, the Chief of Staff is being pressured by the Russians to turn Jack over. Cuz he had forged the president's signature on a extradition order that would allow Jack to be transferred to Russian custody.

At least things are beginning to happen, but really, it took way too long. We're not even halfway through, and maybe things will be insanely action packed from here on out, but the sluggish start has made it harder for the show to capture and keep my attention. I no longer trust or expect it to deliver. Here's hoping it surprises me.

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