Television: 24: Live Another Day, "6:00 p.m.–7:00 p.m."

If you came looking last week, you'll have noticed I didn't even bother with a recap. There's very little to say because this mini is not the action-packed, fast-paced 24 we're all used to. I can sum up last night's episode in one sentence: President William Devane gets blown up in Wembley Stadium by a drone missile. The Brits won't be too broken up about the U.S. president, I'm sure, but they're not going to be happy about the state of their football [soccer] pitch.

BTW, how was it just fine—completely unremarkable, even—to land a helicopter in the Wembley Stadium car park [parking lot]? I guess having those "codes" or whatever made the difference? Security knew to expect a helicopter? Were told to just ignore it? Sure, okay.

What else is there? Navarro is still the mole, working with Chloe's "friend" Cross. They killed that one little computer guy. Wannabe Sansa also is, if not dead, very nearly. (Did she die? Do I care?)

Now we're set up with Jack spending the final four hours seeking revenge for the president's death. And Mummy fighting with her son over whether or not to honor her word and destroy the remaining renegade drones. (Terror Son is keen to blow more shit up.) And we'll need to ferret (ha!) out Navarro and Cross as well. And find a vice president to swear in. And I'm sure we'll have to deal with more of Audrey's overacting. Bullet to the head should clear that right up.

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