Food: Dr Pepper Vanilla Float

Had to try it. Had to. Because I love Dr Pepper, and I love ice cream, and by extension floats.

Now, upon reflection, I'm not sure what I expected. This is, for all intents and purposes, vanilla Dr Pepper. And that's fine. I'm cool with that, in theory.

Thing is, it doesn't have the full flavor of Dr Pepper. Nor does it have a very strong vanilla taste either. Except when you take that last sip from the can, which tasted very strongly of vanilla. Is the vanilla flavoring denser than the soda syrup? But it's not like I could shake the can before actually drinking, so . . . Well, I mean, I could. But I'm not that stupid, nor am I that desperate to disperse the vanilla throughout the drink.

On the plus side, this drink didn't leave the weird aftertaste in my mouth Dr Pepper sometimes does. I didn't feel an immediate need to go get a stick of gum after finishing the drink.

Bottom line, this is like Dr Pepper Jr. or something. Intern Pepper? Whatever a junior doctor is called, I guess. It's nice as a novelty, but I wouldn't drink this all the time; it will only leave me wanting the real deal. (Or, carrying on with the doctor metaphor, a second opinion.)

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