Television: 24 & The Leftovers

I finally gave up on 24: Live Another Day.

I know, I know—I stuck it out for so long, why give up now? Well, I got nearly to the end of the June 23rd episode that was sitting on my DVR and realized I'd barely seen any of it because I was more interested in Bejeweled. That's a pretty bad sign. And I still had another episode waiting on my DVR, and I was faced with another hour airing tonight, and . . . All at once it was a chore rather than entertainment. And since I watch TV to be entertained, when it stops being fun . . . I stop watching.

Isn't that how it's supposed to work?

The Leftovers, on the other had, actually got more interesting. Is Garvey going crazy? How much of all this is in his head? Getting a glimpse of his dad and seeing that maybe it runs in the family . . . And yet Jill did seem to see the unnamed man on the doorstep . . . Little tidbits like the video interviews for "survivor" benefits or whatever add texture and depth to what is going on in the world. Though why would an agency feel the need to compensate people for what insurance would surely label an "act of God"? Is this a government agency or a private non-profit or what? Hmm.

And we also saw the source of tension between Lucy and Kevin; seems she and Kevin's dad have a thing?

I don't much like Liv Tyler, and Jill's friend is annoying, but I can get past that (for now). Should be interesting to see Christopher Eccleston's character's story next week.

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