Television: Catching Up

Sorry for my silence the past week; I was away at a family reunion. I do plan to begin catching up on 24 and trying The Leftovers and Tyrant, all of which are waiting for me on my DVR. I managed to watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver at least; I love that show. Ages ago, before I had kids, I would stay up and watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report . . . Maybe I should go back to those. But in the meantime, I wait all week for John Oliver. Maybe righteous anger at the U.S. comes across better from a transplanted Brit.

Of course the other big news is Community will have a 13-episode sixth season thanks to Yahoo! That's pretty stellar. I'm finding it more and more difficult to locate decent comedies, so I'm glad Community will be around to make me laugh a little longer.

And Doctor Who has a premiere date of 23 August. I'll be away on a writing retreat that weekend but at least one of the other writers I'll be hanging with is a big DW fan, so maybe we can schedule in a viewing break.

I did watch the second part of The Escape Artist and very much enjoyed it. But then I liked it when it was Cape Fear, too.

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