The Future of Film

I was thinking about this last night, about how Hollywood keeps churning out the expensive, big-scale movies. A lot of people talk about the Chinese market, and that's certainly a factor. But it occurred to me that I'm just as guilty.

See, I'm pretty picky about what I go see on the big screen. If a movie isn't full of special effects that merit the cost of a cinema ticket, I'll wait for it to be On Demand or streaming or whatever. And I know a lot of other people are the same way. Why spend the money for a ticket, overpriced concessions, and then have to deal with rude people unless the movie itself is a big screen must? And what both Hollywood and cinemas have learned from this is: Make the big screen movies and the people will come.

My hope, then, is at some point we'll quit going even to the blockbusters. We'll get sick enough of the movies all looking alike, and sick enough of the crappy etiquette (or utter lack of etiquette), and stay home regardless. Our TVs and entertainment systems are getting bigger and better anyway, and at some point (I predict) movies will eventually just release directly to the public almost at the same time as in cinemas. Maybe cinemas as we know them now will become quaint, like the old drive-ins.

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Trisha F said...

I'm not all that picky when it comes to seeing movies ... except that I only see movies that are on sale. Here, a movie ticket costs at least $17 and usually more. So I wait till the $10 discount to see a movie. But I will still only see one I want to see, and won't just go to any old $10 movie.