Television: Gotham, "Selina Kyle"

Actually, Selina—or Cat, as she prefers—was really mostly featured in the second half of the hour. She was one of many street kids being rounded up for international slave trade. Or something. Bad stuff, anyway.

Putting kids in jeopardy is a favorite tactic of crime drama writers because the stakes are so high and pretty much the whole audience is sympathetic to the hero. Plus, it allows the hero (in this case Gordon) to again assert his I'm-a-good-guy side in a way that puts him above the others (in this case corrupt cops).

Meanwhile, the Penguin is out there running around, and there's still a lot of infighting in the mob. ::shrug::

So far I find Gotham to be . . . okay. Not as good as I hoped. It does best when Gordon and Bullock are bantering; McKenzie and Logue have good chemistry. The rest is only so-so, though I do really like Sean Pertwee as Alfred (well, and wasn't he great as Lestrade on Elementary too?). But Alfred's reasoning for not getting Bruce more help—that Mr. Wayne wanted Bruce to "find his own way" should anything happen to his parents—comes across as weak at best. I understand following the guidelines left by Wayne Sr. but . . . It just seems like there should be more to it than that. If it were that Alfred would lose his place as guardian, maybe, and that Bruce would be sent to live with terrible relatives or something . . .

The plots, though, are kinda dumb. And as for Selina Kyle, well, she's clearly clever. But there's a thin line between clever and outright obnoxious and she's treading that. Like a cat on a fence. I realize that's part of the character, yes, but I want to like her more than I don't, so please, writers, don't make it too difficult.

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