Television: Intruders, "She Was Provisional"

The X-Files pedigree is easy to detect in this somewhat haphazardly blended show whose pilot episode jumped around leaving only very thin threads of webbing to tie things together. Most of what I got from it was: (a) James Frain is a creep, and (b) that little girl is turning into a creep, too. Oh, and that other guy can't find his wife. I think that's supposed to matter.

Best I can tell there are bad things that possess people. Also, James Frain is going around killing people. Much of what occurred—and it was so all over the place, it's difficult to say exactly what did occur—seemed played largely for shock value. I mean, I don't mind sex and violence, but when played solely for a reaction, I do mind it. Don't waste my time with that shit. Tell me a goddamn story.

But these days "telling a story" on television seems to be equal to chopping up a lot of information in order to string the viewers along. Sigh. At least Orphan Black started with a central character that was interesting, surrounded her with other interesting characters, and then branched out from there.

While there's a hint of an interesting story in Intruders, I found it difficult to care about anyone enough to want to pursue it. I will probably try at least one more episode to see if anything congeals in an appetizing enough way . . . Hmm. "Congeals" probably isn't the best match for "appetizing." But you get my meaning.

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