Television: Scorpion, "Single Point of Failure"

Okay, so since we've established that Walter has a photographic memory, I'm not exactly sure why Sylvester had to be the one to go into the pharma company. Surely he could have stayed and read the schematics from the computer, and Walter could have gone in? Except of course it's more fun to send in a germaphobe. Either the writers are doing that thing where they conveniently forget established stuff so they can serve the plot, or Walter has a sick sense of humor in sending Sylvester in there. And since Walter doesn't seem to have any sense of humor . . .

But I still like Scorpion more than pretty much anything else I'm watching right now. It's formulaic, yes, and God the backstory-in-dialogue stuff is so clunky. But the show is entertaining enough that I'm willing to overlook all that. Mostly. I mean, I'll grouse about it, but I'm still gonna watch.

This episode revolved around the governor's sick daughter. A virus had been designed specifically to make her ill, and since it was a singular disease, the CDC didn't know how to cure it. Our team had approximately 24 hours before the girl died. (Rule 1 of Scorpion: Give the crew a tight deadline.)

The rest of the plot fell in like a stack of Pringles: Who sent the e-mail(s), who hated the governor that much and why, and (to my mind, the key ingredient), who has the ability to custom design a virus?

I won't give it away. I'll only say the show does not make the age-old mistake of introducing a character early on that turns out to be the bad guy later. Instead, the audience is unable to "play along" because the perpetrator is not discovered until, well, he's discovered. That is, there are not a bunch of suspects to choose from. Scorpion is not so much a mystery show as a logic puzzle.

But I like logic puzzles.

And I like the characters here, and the actors do a really good job and have some nice chemistry. So far this is my favorite new show of the season. (But Gracepoint starts Thursday, so Scorpion may not wear the laurel for long.)

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