Television: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., "What They Become"

So Skye (neƩ Daisy, we discover) is in the clutches of Hydra and gets to meet her dad. Then we get his whole big expositional speech about how he was a doctor in a clinic in China, and met and married her mom, and then Whitehall took her mom, etc. etc. Nothing we hadn't seen or inferred already.

In the midst of all this, Whitehall figures out—quite possibly from Doctor Daddy's shouting—who Skye is, and her dad, and also that Ward isn't 100% reliable and may need to be taught some compliance.

But as Whitehall is planning to do all sorts of bad things, Coulson, May, Hunter, and Bobbi arrive to rescue Skye.

Here's what I don't understand, though. Whitehall had Raina, so why didn't he just experiment on her and/or take her down into the alien city instead of bothering with Skye? You can't expect me to believe he cares about Raina at all and "wouldn't do that to her."

Doesn't matter, though, because Coulson shoots and [ostensibly] kills Whitehall. Really, though? Whitehall has lived all those years and now he's dead? The Marvel universe has too much of a history of bringing back the dead for me to ever fully believe it.

Losing Whitehall sends Agent 33 into a tailspin; she is now a compass without a North. So Ward—whom Skye shot several times as she escaped—takes the helm and Agent 33 latches onto him.

Meanwhile, Fitz, Simmons, and Tripp have gone back down into the alien city to try and find Mac.

Skye saves Coulson from her father's anger (he's mad that Coulson beat him to the kill where Whitehall is concerned), then goes after the obelisk to hopefully destroy it or something. Long story short, Skye doesn't want anyone to be able to use it or go into the alien city or whatever. But Raina has other ideas. She wants to go down and experience whatever transformation the obelisk will instigate. And for whatever reason, Skye goes with her. I guess to try and stop her, but if Skye had any brain at all, she would have put distance between herself and the obelisk and city.

Whatever. The sum total of all this is that Raina, Skye, and an unfortunate Tripp end up in the special chamber in the alien city. And when the obelisk is set on its pedestal and breaks open to reveal something that looks like it came from Krypton (sorry, that's DC), the three of them get . . . Carbonized? But while Skye, and presumably Raina, survive this—they "hatch" and are "reborn" from this—Tripp does not.

And a quake is triggered, threatening everyone as the alien city begins to implode, taking the Ponce de Leon Hotel (har, very cute and clever, guys) with it.

Finally, we also discover there are more obelisks and more . . . Mutants? (sorry, that's X-Men) . . . Whatevers out there.

And now we all break for Agent Carter.

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