The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot

I was given these cards for my birthday. It's actually a bit strange I didn't already own them; I had considered buying them on several occasions, but something always stopped me. But they say the right things come to you at the right time, yes?

The moment I opened the box, my hands began to tremble. At first I thought it was just the fact the box is so big and heavy, but no, it's happened every time I've picked up this deck. These cards radiate something strong.

Crossroads Spread (sorry for the glare)

Now, I come from the New Orleans area myself, and my great-grandmother taught me a thing or two about Voodoo, so it's probably no surprise I connected almost immediately with these cards. I could feel it, the roots rising up through the floorboards and up through my feet into my core. Much as I love many of my bazillion Tarot decks, none of them have ever done that.

Usually when I get a new deck, I dive right in, but this one makes me feel the need to take it slow. Just a completely different kind of relationship here. Even though I know and understand all these aspects depicted on the cards . . . And though I like to think I treat all my decks with respect . . . These cards demand more from me. More respect and more energy.

Those unfamiliar with Voodoo might have quite a learning curve, but the deck comes with a massive book (which is why the box is so heavy). Very nice write-ups detail each card, and there is also a short list of divination meanings in the back, along with more traditional Tarot correspondences. Fine for quick work, but I recommend getting to know each of the cards on its own terms. Voodoo is temperamental, and these cards reflect that. They are not to be taken lightly, and they will lash out at you if you disrespect them.

For all that, I find I really enjoy these cards. Their gravity. The chord they strike within me is a bass note, low and clear. I'm a little afraid of them, but maybe I should be of all my decks. The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot reminds me they are not a game, and that if I want answers, I must approach with the proper deference.

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Lisa Frideborg said...

Love it! Had a feeling these would be great for you :)