Television: Agent Carter

It's official: I've quit watching.

I didn't exactly want to quit. But the last couple episodes, I got halfway through before realizing I hadn't been paying attention much at all. Followed by the realization I didn't care. Not about what had happened or was happening . . . ::shrug::

It isn't a bad show. It just doesn't hold my interest. And that's just me; after all, these things are subjective. Television (and movies, and books, and music) is a game of reaching a wide audience, but nothing is right for everyone. There's a lowest common denominator, I guess, but we're not a 100% homogenous race.

So it's all about reaching enough people to justify continuing. Agent Carter doesn't work for me, but if it works for enough other people, good for it. Her? No, it . . . I think . . .

There, I've confused myself.

Whatever. Now I'm just waiting for the return of S.H.I.E.L.D. to see if it can maintain my interest.

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