Television: Broadchurch 2.3

Well, at least we don't draw out the whole Lee-kidnapped-Claire thing. After shouting the classic, "What is the point of you, Miller?" Alec takes Miller's car and finds Lee and Claire at Claire's hideaway house. Lee attacks Alec, but his real harassment of Alec has only begun—he goes on to file a report against Alec that forces Alec to come apologize to him. Then he turns up at Alec's house, at which point I have to ask whether Alec couldn't file harassment charges against Lee. But here's the kicker: Lee has been doing his own investigation into the Sandbrook case. WTF?! And he's been posing as Alec Hardy to do it!

As you might guess, Alec doesn't take that well, but Lee leaves the stack of evidence behind, and we all know Alec will eventually get curious and look through it. I'm starting to think Claire did it, actually. Would be an interesting twist anyway.

Speaking of Claire, she and Ellie go out for a night of drinking and picking up boys for one-night stands. Claire seems happy enough this way (uncommitted sex), but it doesn't suit Ellie.

And Beth, who at the end of last episode had gone into labor, gives birth at home to a little girl named Elizabeth. But she still hates Ellie. Just in case you're wondering.

There is also insight into the personal lives of Sharon Bishop (Joe's defence) and Jocelyn Knight (the prosecutor). Sharon has a son serving time, and Jocelyn has a mother in danger of losing her place in a care home due to unpaid bills. Also, they both have the names of chess pieces. I'm sure that's an essay waiting to be written by some film/TV student.

Of course the big finish to the episode was Sharon's accusing Ellie while in the box of having an affair with Alec Hardy. Her "evidence" is circumstantial at best, and honestly should not have been allowed (but maybe UK courts differ on this from US ones). Either way, the damage is done since the seed has been planted in the jury's minds—as well as the minds of everyone in Broadchurch.

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