Television: Galavant, "My Cousin Izzy" & "It's All in the Executions"

Wow, what a fizzle.

We last left Galavant, Isabella, Sid, the jester, and Isabella's parents in the dungeons. Now Rutger Hauer has turned up as Richard's older brother Kingsley. He challenges Richard, and they each select their champions to fight in their steads. Kingsley calls on Gareth before Richard can get a word out, and so Richard is left with Galavant, who makes Richard promise to free his friends once he wins.

But of course we don't get any kind of fight. Isabella's cousin/fiancé Prince Harry shows up and distracts everyone. The fight is postponed in favor of a welcome feast. Chef and his would-be girlfriend plot to poison everyone at the feast, which would have been a nice finale, but of course Chef can't go through with it and merely puts in the things he knows everyone is allergic to. So everyone crawls away from the feast very ill.

At this point I ceased to pay much attention. I had really wanted to see how they would conclude things, but the answer is: they didn't. Galavant and Richard go off with the pirates. Madalena stabs Kingsley in the back—literally—and takes Gareth as a new consort. Isabella, her parents, Sid, and the jester all escape to Prince Harry's, where Harry imprisons Isabella in a special room he's made for her. It looks like the inside of a little girl's jewelry box, all pink.

Considering there's a fair chance the show won't get a second season (ratings haven't been stellar), it's a shame they didn't give viewers some kind of satisfying ending. The series was cute, but there was a definite downward trend. The final result was more whimper than bang.

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