Television: Galavant, "Two Balls" & "Comedy Gold"

Is ABC doubling up to burn the episodes off more quickly or merely to fill a Sunday-night gap? Hmm.

The show continues to charm despite some hackneyed plots that include Sid having told his parents he was the knight, meaning when they stop over for the night Galavant is forced to act as squire while Isabella pretends to be Sid's fiancée. What's going to happen when there's no wedding, though?

At least King Richard got wise to Madalena's trysting with the jester. But instead of doing the kingly thing and having said jester's head removed from his shoulders, he hits the jester up for comedy lessons? So he can impress and woo Madalena by making her laugh? Sigh.

Timothy Omundson as Richard is a bright spot, but I'm not sure how long I can tolerate his tolerating Madalena's bad behavior.

"Comedy Gold" did also feature a fabulous turn by Hugh Bonneville as the Pirate King, and the pirates' musical number was pretty funny. I also enjoyed the executioners' song (har, lit joke there).

So Galavant is a cute bit of fluff, but how long can it really last? Already this week I felt myself tipping away from finding the music as fun as last week. Well, and it's true that not every person is going to like every song; you can't please everyone all the time. (And yet I'm still hoping for a soundtrack . . . Cuz I can skip the songs I don't like.) Also, the episodic plots are super thin. I'll keep watching, but I suspect it will start to be in a half-aware kind of way because the show simply doesn't require one's full attention. Nor does it command it.

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