Candles: My Latest Yankee Crop

Ran low on a lot of my favorite candles, so I went to the Yankee Outlet. I'm sorry to say they no longer had my Willow Breeze, which had become one of my favorites. (And I'm still a bit miffed at the lack of Sheer Gardenia as well.)

But! Yankee is clearly trying to redeem themselves by reintroducing Hydrangea! This is my all-time favorite scent, so here's hoping it doesn't disappear again. Damn, I probably should have bought extra . . .

Aside from the Hydrangea, I opted for all new-to-me fragrances. Right now I'm burning Sandalwood, which is a smell I've always loved. So far the candle is not particularly strong, but it hasn't been burning very long. We'll see how it does.

The sales associate recommended Seaside as a replacement for my Willow Breeze. It does have a lovely, light scent similar to the Willow, but not as perfumy, and there's definitely more of a beach smell to it than the Willow. I think I will enjoy it, but not as much as the Willow Breeze, though I accept that I have a personal bias—I grew up with a beautiful willow tree in our yard, and the candle reminds me of a happy childhood.

Because I often feel I go for too many blue candles, I smelled but didn't by Blue Jean, though I was tempted. It sounds like a strange scent for a candle, but it really just smells like denim fresh from the dryer.

Instead of blue this trip, I veered monochromatic from Starry Sky to Hearth to Moonlight. Starry Sky is a pale grey and has a slightly sugary smell to it. Hearth is a darker grey and somewhat musky but still sweet. Moonlight is black (or nearly black) and much stronger with more of a traditional perfume scent. I'm looking forward to trying all of these.

A short list of my favorite Yankee Candles: [Blue] Hydrangea, Willow Breeze, Sheer Gardenia, Autumn Sky

We'll see if any of these can make my list.

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