iPhone 6

I've had an iPhone 6 for a couple weeks now. Not the 6+ because I had to draw the line somewhere, and I like having a phone that will fit in my back pocket. Even then, I resisted the 6 because of the size. It's thinner than my 5, yes, but in terms of surface area it's much bigger.

I also wasn't sold on the white face around the screen. Like, the "color" options were silver, gold, or space grey or something like that. I, of course, chose silver. But no one sees the silver because I have a purple Body Glove case on the thing (which is a great case, btw, more on that later), and only the back is silver. The front is white. Meh.

But I'm used to it now. And I have to say I do actually like that the 6 is larger than the 5. I find it easier to type (though I'm still adjusting and keep hitting "e" when I want "w") and much, much easier to read email on the larger screen.

The camera is better, too. Or maybe I'm getting better at taking pictures . . . Either way, I find far fewer of them are blurry.

As for my Body Glove case, the one issue I have with it is that it's too thick to allow for my car adapter when I want to listen to my music in the car. Aside from that, it's perfect.

Bottom line is, I had my doubts about the iPhone 6. But so far I really like it.

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