Television: Broadchurch 2.6

Tom goes into the witness box to testify on behalf of his dad. Unfortunately, he's willing to lie a little while there. He says Mark told him he [Mark] was guilty of Danny's murder. Of course, on cross examination by Jocelyn, Tom is forced to admit Mark only said he felt guilty, not that he'd actually murdered his son.

Mark is then forced to testify, and Sharon paints a nasty picture of him being the one to kill Danny and then calling Nigel to dispose of the body. I'm still not sure how she gets away with such speculation, particularly in saying Danny "could have seen you with Becca Fisher." Um, there's no way to prove that Danny did see anything (he's not alive to give witness), so the judge really should have shut down that line of inquiry. But the deed is done, the seed planted in the jury's minds that this alternative line of events is a possibility.

Also, Mark is cornered into admitting he'd gone and written a "goodbye" letter to Beth that night with the idea their marriage was over and he wanted to be with Becca. This feels like a bit much, a really trite effort to extend the drama in Mark and Beth's relationship for the sake of an audience that doesn't care as much about them as it did last season.

Sharon asks the judge to dismiss the case, but Jocelyn proves Joe can still get a fair trial, and so we move on. Jocelyn also reveals to Ben what we pretty much already knew, that her eyesight is failing.

And Paul visits Joe again, though one wonders why. Apparently only to reinforce the idea that Paul hopes Joe will repent and tell the truth, put an end to the trial. I do feel this may be where things head, that in the end the writers are setting Joe up to finally do the right thing.

Meanwhile, Alec and Ellie visit the Gillespies again and discover the door in the fence that connects the two gardens, allowing easy access. Ellie tells Alec to put pressure on Claire, so he calls and tells her their deal is off and he won't protect her any more. Claire asks Ellie for help, and Ellie says she will only talk to Alec on her behalf if she finally tells the whole truth. Claire promises and offers to do Ellie's hair besides, which leads to Ellie looking through Claire's portfolio and finding a picture of Claire wearing Pippa's pendant. We later see a flashback of Claire breaking into Tess' car and taking the pendant.

We also see Lee tell Claire they need a plan, and Claire tell him, "We had a plan!" So are they in it together? And maybe also with the Gillespies? It's a very fucked-up situation, and it's difficult to tell where the truth lies. But maybe that was the plan all along: Make it impossible to conclusively prove who did it. A hair here, a necklace there . . .

Alec is due for his pacemaker, and Tess turns up to take care of him. Jocelyn's mother dies (which solves having to keep paying for her care, I suppose, and anyway the woman was ancient). And Ellie—finally!—takes on being a proper mother again and tells Tom he will come home and they will be a family again. Good.

Only a couple more episodes this season. I will be sad when the show is over.

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